Bhunte: The baby elephant

An illustrated story of an elephant calf

Bhunte: The baby elephant

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

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Kajalkali- Hopefully, the one last story!

It was on the 18th of August, 2019, when Bhunte met Tikiri, from Sri Lanka, she was in an appalling state and died a few days after. Bhunte's reminiscent of his last meeting with Tikiri is no less different than... Continue Reading →

Habre and Bhunte

"Sanu..." Bhunte trumpeted aloud. Sanu was playing a hide and seek game with her brother, Bhunte. And, she happened to see a fluffy brown animal relaxing on a tree branch. "Hey you, come let us play???" Sanu trumpeted sharp. "I... Continue Reading →

Bhunte and the year 2022

'Heave! ho! Heave! ho!...' Sanu, Bhunte's sister, pulled Bhunte's tail while he was trying to be sincere and following his mom. He turned around and in a playful gesture, started pushing Sanu aside with his head. Oblivious to this playful... Continue Reading →

Jaganna crossing the fence

Bhunte thought to take Sanu around his home. Sanu was whirling her trunk around and running behind Bhunte and a little butterfly, when Bhunte hushed and stopped Sanu. "Sanu, can you see Jaggesh anna over there? He is trying to... Continue Reading →

Bhunte is a brother now!

Do you remember that Bhunte's mom was pregnant? Around 2019. Good news for you all. She has delivered a baby a month ago. Bhunte is too happy to find a companion in his home itself. Bhunte did not share this... Continue Reading →

Polivu meets her family

It was drizzling. Pendulous waterdrops on leaves bungee jumped on the forest floor. One of the drops directly landed on Bhunte's head, who was hiding behind the bushes, after he heard some footsteps on the wet grasses. He sensed a... Continue Reading →

Ganesha and Bhunte

Dusk entered tip-toeing through the canopy of the forest. Bhunte was tired of all plays with his buddies. He trumpeted bye to all and walked towards his herd who were little away and foraging. When he crossed a mud hill,... Continue Reading →

Bhunte, Punte, Dalli and Elephant Apple

Well, I bet you have not seen an elephant hanging on a branch? Bhunte did. He himself was hanging! Bhunte, Punte and Dalli went around to see what mischievous things they could do that evening. And voila! they saw a... Continue Reading →

Less than 10 of Aba, the Vaquita, left in the world…

Little does Bhunte know about the vast world of sea and the enigma within. But, he heard from his distant uncle, Sailo dai, who often travels all around the forest and beyond, that there is a little sea cow 'Vaquita'... Continue Reading →

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