Bhunte: The baby elephant

An illustrated story of an elephant calf

Bhunte: The baby elephant

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

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Bhunte and the Akebono elephant

Bhunte went all geeky when he got a chance to travel to Biwako lake (Shiga, Japan) where the Akebono elephants (Stegodon aurorae) stayed 1.8 million years ago. Called 'dwarf' elephants, Akebono elephants were 1.93 m tall (shoulder height). Bhunte was... Continue Reading →

Bhunte’s stories travelled the world

As a creator of Bhunte, I am so glad to see him reaching to the countries (above 106!) that I've never seen or will never reach. He will be back soon with his rendezvous with Stegodon. Till then keep reading... Continue Reading →

Bhunte’s friend, Abiona, died because of no water in Tsavo!

Within three seasons (2021-2022),109 elephants have died since the Tsavo got hit by one of the worst droughts experienced in the eastern part of Africa for over 40 years! Bhunte has experienced intense temperature, sometimes having no water drink and... Continue Reading →

Tinku’s mother kicked whom?

Why most of us love Ganesha (elephant-headed God): because of his cuteness and some mischievousness. Bhunte and his friends are no less than Ganesha. Tinku is a very close friend of Bhunte and stays in the DB kuppe camp of... Continue Reading →

World Elephant Day: Mother-calf bonding

On this special day, I would like to thank Bhunte and his family for letting me to appreciate them. I do not claim that I have understood everything about elephants- but just a bit and I will be continuing to... Continue Reading →

Boon-mee’s, the baby elephant from Thailand, mother got CPR!

It has been a long since Bhunte and Sanu explored the forest and met their new friends. Bhunte, but, heard a story that his friend, Boon-mee, a baby elephant from the Thailand forest, fell into a pit. It was raining... Continue Reading →

Kajalkali- Hopefully, the one last story!

It was on the 18th of August, 2019, when Bhunte met Tikiri, from Sri Lanka, she was in an appalling state and died a few days after. Bhunte's reminiscent of his last meeting with Tikiri is no less different than... Continue Reading →

Habre and Bhunte

"Sanu..." Bhunte trumpeted aloud. Sanu was playing a hide and seek game with her brother, Bhunte. And, she happened to see a fluffy brown animal relaxing on a tree branch. "Hey you, come let us play???" Sanu trumpeted sharp. "I... Continue Reading →

Bhunte and the year 2022

'Heave! ho! Heave! ho!...' Sanu, Bhunte's sister, pulled Bhunte's tail while he was trying to be sincere and following his mom. He turned around and in a playful gesture, started pushing Sanu aside with his head. Oblivious to this playful... Continue Reading →

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